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Promote instagram page

Promotion of the page on Instagram. Second principle.

A series of articles on how to attract a new audience to your Instagram channel and increase the number of subscribers.

You can always read the previous principle at the link – How to attract followers to Instagram?

Let’s get started and analyze with you the second principle of promotion your page in Instagram.

Straightforward creative in advertising.

Many brands create advertisements on the “make it beautiful” principle. They think that if their ad is aesthetically pleasing, it will bring good conversions.

But miracles don’t happen because:

  • Beauty is subjective
  • The desire to make beautiful often leads to “sleekness”, and the more sleek the picture – the less it catches the eye in advertising. (I already wrote in one of the previous posts that it is better NOT to match templates than to match them)
  • “Nice” and “I want to buy” – these are different emotions of the buyer. It will be more profitable for you if a subscriber comes to you because of the properties of your product, and not because of a beautiful picture. (Example: if you sell buckets for a summer residence, and in your advertisement you have beautiful pictures of well-groomed gardens, you can attract subscribers, but from admiring a photo of a garden, the desire to buy a bucket will not follow).

Let’s give our own example, where we first made a mistake, and then corrected our mistakes.

Initial data:

Page on the sale of perfumery cosmetics

It was:

It would seem a beautiful photo. Corresponds to the brand’s product (author’s perfumery), even the shameful slogan “Perfumery with a cold heart” is written. The theory was that such a message, combined with a beautiful photo, would already be quite interesting and understandable to the target audience. In theory, everything should have worked. But in the end, the click turned out to be 25 cents, and the click-to-subscription conversion rate was 50%. Total 50 cents per subscriber. Expensive!


The brand specializes in unusual perfumes, with notes of absinthe, gasoline, even marijuana in compositions. Despite the fact that the smells themselves are quite decent and suitable for everyone, their descriptions can scare away fans of the mass market. Therefore, I decided to directly deduce the main difference directly into the advertising slogan.

The theory was that “hiding” the features is pointless – if I drive the user into the account with a slick picture, he will still not make a purchase after seeing the “bold” ingredients in the composition. As a result, the click turned out to be 3 cents each, with a conversion saving of 50%. Total 6 cents per subscriber – bearable! But most importantly, all of these followers are brand-relevant. They are interested in the non-standard.

Counting the click-through rate is the right thing to do. It allows you to understand how interesting your products and your page are to subscribers. However, do not forget that with the help of our service you can always quickly buy 1000 subscribers to your Instagram page, and then calmly engage in self-promotion.

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