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Get more instagram followers

How to get more followers to Instagram profile?

A series of articles on how to get a new followers to your Instagram channel and increase the number of subscribers.

We are starting a series of our posts on how to behave for small and medium-sized businesses in SMM, and in particular, when promoting their page on Instagram and get followers on your Instagram page. The title should not be taken too literally. In this text, we will talk and give advice on promoting goods and services in universal ways.

In other words, we are not talking about some secret way of quickly and cheaply recruiting hundreds of thousands of subscribers, although there will be a few words about it, namely how to quickly get 500 subscribers to your channel. And also about how to achieve effective and inexpensive audience growth through official advertising and the purchase of 500 subscribers on our service.

Do you need more followers on Instagram at all?

If you yourself are not particularly aware of whether you need it or not, there will be separate posts on this topic. Then it makes sense to read only to those who still need subscribers.

The formula for effective growth of followers on Instagram consists of adhering to four principles. These principles also answer the question “How to prepare a profile for advertising”.

Principle one. The audience should understand why they follow you.

Going to the profile from the ad (we’ll talk about the ad creative itself a little below), the user spends literally a couple of seconds to compose an impression of the account.

It doesn’t sound very good, but the potential audience should be considered as dumb as possible by default. All sorts of fairy tales in the spirit of “the audience of our brand are smart people” do not work when it comes to advertising. The point is that the motive for subscribing should be obvious so that anyone can understand it in a couple of seconds, throwing a short glance.

Your account must be: Beautiful + Informative + Unique. It is important to meet all three criteria, otherwise you risk not getting your message across.

Beautiful – because we are on instagram.

Informative – because the user must decide that by subscribing, he learns something new here.

Unique – to make your brand stand out from everyone else.

Many brands think, “Well, now we are going to do a very beautiful photo shoot with a model, and people will subscribe just because it is beautiful.”


Beautiful pictures alone are not enough. If you are not completely sure of compliance with the K + I + U formula, you will not have time to persuade the user to subscribe in 2 seconds. In addition, beauty itself is difficult to assess objectively. Making a profile objectively useful is much easier.

This diagram represents which direction you need to try. The stronger your position in each of the three aspects, the higher your subscription conversion will be.

Imagine that a fully completed diagram is 100% motivation to subscribe to your account. If you have an unknown brand, you need to get 50% each due to ads and content. If the brand is very well-known, you can get 100% without any content or advertising at all.

Interesting content.

Experts say that before advertising starts, you need to post 9-12 posts, “so people can see that some content is already there.”
But the point here is not in quantity, but in quality. If you publish 9 photos of the same type without content, it will not help you much.

Posts published before the start of advertising should first of all say: “If you subscribe, you will read interesting content here.”
It is for these purposes that it is appropriate to use the inscriptions on the photo – so that a person realizes in 2 seconds what is interesting here.

Famous brand.

If you are known, you just need to make an advertisement with the text “This is an artist’s account”, and people will subscribe. The more famous your brand is, the less you can mess with the creative in the ad and the usefulness of the content.

Of course, you are unlikely to be artist. I am not skipping the point about brand awareness because it is important to understand not only who you are, but also who you are not. If you are weak in one aspect, then you need to act stronger and bolder in the other two.

Brilliant ad.

In marketing, there is no bottom line for the cost per conversion. The subscriber price can be both infinitely small and infinitely large. Conventionally, the ad “For all the good, against all the bad” can bring you subscribers, without interesting content inside your account and without artist.

Profile header.

People will subscribe to you if the benefit (or idea) of your profile is as clear as possible, even to a dumb one. A few words in a cap is where you tell people what makes you special. Positioning principles apply here (you know what that is?).

If you sell linoleum painted in Khokhloma style, it is not enough just to take and photograph it from different angles. Inform in the cap that you are Old Russian Linoleum. Focus on the features.

A hat is a place where a person finds out what is your uniqueness.

The first 9-12 posts are where he decides if you can have fun in your account. (social networks are ONLY about entertainment, if that).

If everything is done correctly, people themselves will subscribe to your Instagram page. However, there is always an alternative to simple rules – you can buy 500 followers on Instagram page quickly and with a guarantee through our service. Thus, you can quickly attract the attention of a global audience to your channel and promote your page on Instagram.

The continuation of the series of articles will be published in our blog, so do not forget to subscribe and visit our site more often.

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