This is the most reliable, most natural, free, but also the most difficult and time consuming way to increase the number of your followers. It consists in the fact that you yourself will find your target audience on Instagram, you yourself will go into their accounts, like photos, leave comments and subscribe to them.

You can also promote your Instagram account with the help of comments on any other social networks. Share your opinion with the target audience under the video on YouTube or Twitch, in the comments on posts on VKontakte, Facebook, or anywhere else where you think people with similar interests may be sitting.

What do you need views for.

Earnings. Bloggers with an audience make money: they sell ads or their products (courses, consultations, books). The more subscribers and views, the higher the cost of one advertising publication. For example, an Instagram blogger with an audience of 100,000 people can earn from 10,000 USD per month.

Business promotion. Owners of online stores, cafes, bookstores, beauty salons can attract customers to their business through Instagram. The advantage of this social network is that almost any niche can be promoted here - from a private craftsman who repairs household appliances to a factory that produces and sells materials for luxury construction.

Promotion of a personal brand. Are you an expert in a particular field? With the help of an Instagram account, you can pump your personal brand. People will know you as a good psychologist, business coach, or writer.

Promotion of creativity. Write poetry, paint pictures, compose music? Instagram is a great platform for promoting your creativity.

How to get more subscribers and views to your Instagram account?

You can use the tips above, or you can simply buy Instagram views with Get Likes.